Vac-Tron Equipment

Vac-Tron, the Smart Choice for hydro excavators, air excavators, vacuum trucks and industrial vacuum systems.

With dozens of wet/dry uses in one machine, Vac-Tron’s full-range of affordable StreetSmartSM industrial vacuum trucks & trailer-mounted vacuum excavators offer extreme versatility, proven reliability, easy maintenance and cost savings.

Your Vac-Tron hydro excavator, air excavator, and vacuum truck will be the most used equipment in your inventory!

Choose Your Vac-Tron Excavator or Industrial Vacuum Model


LP Series

Industrial Vacuum & Hydro Excavator

Air Series

Hydro & Air Excavator
Vac-Tron Mini Combo Excavation System

Mini-Combo Series

Hydro Excavator & Sewer Jetter System
CV Vacuum Excavator

CV Series

Competitive Vacuum Excavator

PTO Series

HydroVac Truck

EV 150

Economy Hydro Excavator
csseries (1)

CS Series

Compact Industrial Vacuum

SV Series

Mud & Slurry Recovery Hydro Vacuum

FlowMaster Option

Industrial Valve Exercising System