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Mini Combo 855 Sewer Jetter Models


  • 49 hp YanMar water cooled diesel engine
  • 1000 CFM vacuum pump capable of 15 inches of mercury (Utilizes a "one piece" steel lobe and shaft design)
  • 800-gallon debris tank with hydraulic lift dump
  • Hydraulically operated full open rear door
  • Hydraulically locked rear door
  • 33 feet of 3 inch light weight smooth bore rubber suction hose (industrial rated)
  • Two, 3" inch light weight dielectric suction wands (4' & 6')
  • Empty weight of unit 3,300 lbs (With out trailer)

Mini Combo 855 Power Package

All of our YanMar diesel power packages are mounted inside encasements with hinged sides to ensure easy accessibility for maintenance.

Trailer mounted Vacuum equipment SDT model 855 power package

Today over one-million YanMar diesel engines are powering North America's leading edge mobile and stationary off-highway equipment. This unit is a three cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine, offering a compact, in-line design, proven direct injection technology, low noise, and minimal vibration for the power.

Mini Combo 855 SDT
49 HP YanMar Diesel