12 New Innovations that stole the show at ICUEE

vacuum excavation ICUEE show

    12 New Innovations that stole the show at ICUEE for SAFER DIGGING. Further Details Coming Soon.

  1. HTV 533 PTO Series (Power Take Off )
    500 gallon debris, 1000 CFM vacuum pump
    Includes New Ford F-550 4 wheel drive truck!
  2. Folding Hose Storage
    Time Saving – Quick and easy hose load and unload. Patent Pending
  3. MT Series (Mud Trucks)
    series with 6 debris tanks sizes of 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500 and 4000 gallons. Over 45 degree hydraulic tilt, full open hydraulic locking door, PTO powered rotary vane vacuum pump,25 inches of mercury,and reverse pressure, your chassis or ours. Liquid only
  4. PTO driven with Reverse pressure HTV1830 series (Hydro Truck Vac). 2400 CFM vacuum, 6″ hydraulic boom. Shorter length, lower weight at less cost. Patent Pending
  5. Wobble Head PROTOTYPE
    Innovative digging tool on the boom of the HTVl 830 demo unit. 6″ hose digs a 24″ hole. Patent Pending.
  6. VSP (vertical soil processor) PROTOTYPE *Cutting edge technology. Patent Pending
    Saves up to $100,000 annually and increases production!
    -Completely new method of hydro excavation returning original spoils back to the hole as flowable fill,  ELIMINATING the need to transport , pay for disposal and bring back clean fill.
    -See cost analysis sheet with savings up to $100,000 per unit annually not including disposal cost or increased  revenue.
    -Available 2016 pilot participation programs available.  Inquire Now.
  7. Claw door over center locking mechanism for a simple no fuss positive lock and unlock
  8. Warm water system uses engine exhaust heat to keep water from freezing in cold climates.
    Patent Pending.
  9. 4 in 1 Baghouse
    1) Large 28″ diameter Cyclone
    2) Reverse Flow Valve
    3) Large 00.5 Micron Filter
    4) Large Silencer.
  10. LP833 extra heavy series with 400 gallons of water
  11. Super Gas (Kohler 37 HP) with 1000 CFM Gas Powered Vacuum SAVE $15,000 over diesel
  12. Redesigned strong arm Rotating head with hose roller