The remote debris tank is designed for use when dry potholing.

The material is trapped in the remote tank at the end of the pivot arm (only air is pulled back to the machine). When the pothole is complete the tank is then positioned over the hole and the materials are dropped back into the hole eliminating the need for moving the machine or using a shovel or wheelbarrow. The remote debris tank can also be used for liquid material collection. The liquids can then be gravity fed into a drum for storage and/or transportation. Allows for wet and dry collection of debris in two separate areas on one machine.

Dry material is collected into the remote debris tank and wet materials into the main debris tank. Pivots from the rear of the tank to both sides of the machine with extended reach.

Pivot arm acts as a support boom for the remote suction hose. Allows for easier use of the suction hose (supports the weight).

*Available for AIR Series Excavator Only

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