Animal Waste Cleanup

Vac‐Tron Equipment can be used for various clean‐ups such as animal waste cleanup and bedding.

  • Large animal environments cleaned‐up in zoos
  • Animal waste drainage pits
  • Pumping contaminated water out of holding tanks and transferring into disposal tanks
  • Draining and cleaning animal housing ponds
  • Horse stalls for daily maintenance to suck-up urine and solid waste
  • Complete cleaning of bedding area of straw or wood shavings; removes urine that is not good for the horses to smell (like acid or methane gas)

Dairy farms implement the animal waste cleanup process, thereby yielding a cleaner more sanitized living condition for their cows.

In dairy farm cleanup, they utilize the high-pressure water wand to:

  • Clean ponds
  • Stalls
  • Cages
  • Concrete
  • Landscaping

Cleaner sewer lines and prevention of drainage or backup

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Animal Waste Cleanup Equipment: