Industrial Plant Cleanup Applications

The full line of Vac-Tron vacuum excavation equipment is perfectly suited for the most difficult industrial vacuum tasks. From our largest truck mounted industrial vacuums to our most portable, Vac-Tron industrial vacuums have the horsepower necessary to remove a wide array of solid, liquid, dust and hazardous materials.

Mud and soil removal is often referred to as Wet / Dry Material Removal.

Vac-Tron allows for you to remove excess residue from grain elevators, machinery, and conveyor belts. Vac-Tron – Wet / Dry Industrial Vacuum Excavation System models are used widely in the Grain Industry. Silos are the main focus. The Maintenance Department deals with “Housekeeping”. The Vac-Tron – Wet / Dry Industrial Vacuum Excavation System can be used to clean the bottom of the elevator or to cleanup spills. They can also be used to free up a stuck elevator without losing product.

Vac-Tron Industrial Vacuum can assist with the periodic cleaning of lift stations, using high-pressure surface cleaning and high powered wet/dry pumps to remove large materials and debris.

Vac-Tron’s equipment can assist in the cleanup of Water treatment plants. Frequent cleaning can mean sludge, mud and waste-water are extracted to ensure the facility is clean. (See Mini-Combo Series)

Fertilizer Plant Cleanup and General Maintenance

Vac‐Tron vacuum excavation models are currently being used at various fertilizer plants for general clean‐up and removal of muriatic acid waste. It is highly recommended that the inside of the debris tank and filter housing be protected with a coating that will resist the corrosive effects of the acid. Proper cleanup is a must.

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Industrial Plant Cleanup Applications Equipment: