Toxic and Non-Toxic Spill Cleanup

Vac-Tron Industrial Vacuum Equipment can efficiently remove hazardous material as a result of toxic and non-toxic spills, easily removing both wet and dry material from a contaminated environment.

Working Overtime to Support the Gulf Cleanup

The unprecedented oil spill disaster in the Gulf is something that strikes at the heart of all Vac-Tron employees, most of us whom call Florida our lifelong home.

We have increased production of specially-outfitted oil spill cleanup equipment to be deployed immediately for the extensive effort in the Gulf and beyond. The industrial vacuum is a safe, simple and cost-effective method of cleaning oil from the surface of the water as well as tar balls that wash ashore. Using a skimmer held above the surface, the Vac-Tron Industrial Vacuum equipment rapidly collects oil into a tank which can then be transported to a processing facility. Our equipment is manufactured for mobile use and can easily be parked on barges at sea or used on contaminated beaches to handle cleanup.

Vac-Tron has developed several new models for this specific type of beach cleanup including the “Beach Vac” which is mounted on a truck or trailer and collects tar balls and other contaminants that wash up on the beach.

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Toxic and Non-Toxic Spill Cleanup Equipment: