Beverly Shores “Field of Dreams”

“At Vac-Tron, it is important to us that we give back to the local community and more importantly help support our future generations”, says Vac-Tron Equipment President, Tim Fischer

Beverly Shores FOD Project Flyer

Contact: Stephanie Payne
(352) 787-3441
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LassiterWare Cares and Vac-Tron Team Up To Renovate

The Beverly Shores Elementary Ball Field

Local companies pitch in to help create the “Field of Dreams”

Leesburg, FL (June TBD, 2016) — LassiterWare Cares and Vac-Tron Equipment are excited to announce a joint community service project to benefit the students of Beverly Shores Elementary School. Currently, the school’s field is in poor shape, and is not usable for school activities, such as recess, P.E. or Field Days.

“At Vac-Tron, it is important to us that we give back to the local community and more importantly help support our future generations.  This is a great project and we are excited LWC asked for our assistance”, says Vac-Tron Equipment President, Tim Fischer.

In extension from a previous landscaping project for Beverly Shores, LassiterWare wanted to do more for the school. Principal Monica Gordon shared the poor condition of the ball fields and how this has been on their wish list for a long time. A few months later, the “Field of Dreams” project was born.

Physical activities are a vital part of daily school life, and these two local companies are pleased to be able to restore the field for community benefit. Other local sponsors and business partners have started to help contribute monies and materials to the cause, but there are plenty of opportunities to help!

If you are interested in volunteering, or donating sports equipment or building materials, please contact Stephanie Payne at: (352) 787-3441.

“This project – upgrading our fields – would be a visible reminder to them every day that they are important to us, that their school and community have invested in their success,” says William Gagnon, Assistant Principal. “Beverly Shores serves students from a variety of backgrounds. Many are from lower income families. But all want and deserve access to the very best education, facilities and support we can give them. That is my goal as principal, and it’s why I’m so excited about this project. I welcome any opportunity to demonstrate to our students that they are valued and we are here to support them in every way possible,” added Principal Monica Gordon.

Upon completion, a “Big Reveal” will be held for the students during their Meet the Teachers night in August. Helping hands for this event will be a need as well.

About LassiterWare Cares

Started and funded primarily by employees of LassiterWare, their mission focuses on improving the quality of life during times of financial hardship for fellow employees and providing resources to local charities/organizations that contribute to a vibrant community life.

About Vac-Tron Equipment

Vac-Tron Equipment, the industry leader in vacuum excavation and industrial vacuum equipment. Vac-Tron employs over 40 people locally, right here in Okahumpka, FL. For over 20 years, Vac-Tron has developed innovative, reliable vacuum excavation equipment shipping these units all over the world.