Central Florida Theme Park Uses Vac-Tron Equipment Daily

Vac-Tron Equipment is one of the world’s largest producers of industrial vacuum equipment. Now, you can bring its unmatched power and dependability to your job site.

Many Theme Parks, Zoos, and National Parks use Vac-Tron Equipment for all types of cleanup projects including, manhole clean-out, culvert clean-out, industrial cleanup, waste cleanup, and lift-station cleanup. The Vac-Tron can also be used for high pressure surface cleaning and vacuum excavation. Our units are completely self-contained and operate high-powered WET/DRY vacuum pumps with the best filtration system in the industry.

From 150-gallon compact systems to large capacity systems, Vac-Tron Equipment has the right equipment for your job. For more information please visit us at www.vactron.com or call 1-888-VAC-TRON today!