Digging Safely Along our Roads with Vacuum Excavation

Explosion along highway in Missouri

Some companies still want to use old methods of digging along U.S. roads and highways, but in doing so, these utility companies and construction crews continue to put their team and other pedestrians at risk. That very scenario just played out in Flint, MI when an explosion occurred due to a construction crew digging and causing debris to hit vehicles along the road where two motorists were injured.

The explosion happened after crews ruptured an 8-inch gas transmission main while working on the bridge-replacement project at Dort Highway and I-69. Initial information on the incident revealed that crews working on the project were digging with an excavator when they struck the pipeline, according to Consumers Energy spokesman Brian Wheeler.

Cause of Flint gas explosion that injured two still unknown, officials say
Cause of Flint gas explosion that injured two still unknown, officials say

Safer Digging demand within MunicipalitiesJenison MI 1992

There are several situations where ruptures can be avoided by vacuum excavation by providing a safer way to dig around pipelines. The photo above of a waterline getting hit after digging for a new pole install is a perfect example of when a vacuum excavator should have been used instead. Using a Vac-Tron unit is a more efficient way to dig, but safety is the core of vacuum excavation.

An industry innovation leader in industrial vacuums, hydro and air excavation – Vac-Tron units are designed to dig safely and more efficiently to keep injuries and unexpected costs low. There are a number of municipalities that are requiring contractors to utilize a vacuum excavator as oppose to other digging options.

Vac-Tron Industrial Vacuum Equipment makes manhole cleanout easy and efficient for municipal public works departments. The Mini Combo Series can clean out a manhole in seconds, allowing a reduction in man-hours for this type of job, helping reduce overhead and accomplishing more for the taxpayer’s money.


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A Vac-Tron unit in action
A Vac-Tron unit in action


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