Digging Safely with a Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavator

Vac-Tron’s founder set out to create a safer way to dig over 20 years ago. Since then, our company has been developing equipment and patented ideas that save lives.  Using Vac-Tron Equipment also helps with environmental protection and cleanup, making less contaminated and safer areas.

There is new legislation being introduced in municipalities, requiring the use a vacuum excavator when digging for certain projects, i.e. utility locate.  VacuumExcavation.com shares a New Underground Utility Protection Policy and recommends adding to job specs, contract, and adopt as policy.

(Sample of Document)
Part 2 – GENERAL
A. All utilities within 5 feet of a work zone MUST be found and seen prior to the start of any excavation operations.
B. Potholing shall be performed to verify the location and depth of the existing utilities.
C. Backhoes, trenchers or other type of mechanical equipment shall not be used to find underground utilities within 5 feet of a work zone.
D. At no time shall picks, round pointed shovels, or any other type of sharp tool be used for locating utilities.
E. Only square blunt non-sharp tools may be used for hand digging.
F. Vacuum Excavation shall be allowed with the use of high pressure water (up to 4,000 psi) with an approved non-cutting nozzle. Zero degree nozzles are not allowed.
G. Vacuum Excavation may also be allowed utilizing high pressure air (with dust containment system) or dry vacuum.

Remember that April is National Safe Digging month.  Safety is our true mission and we have succeeded in helping companies dig safer while greatly increasing productivity.

Every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged, but thanks to vacuum excavation, the number of accidents is lessening. Damaging utilities can be costly and result in environmental contamination, project delays, and even death. In order to stop these accidents, safe digging as mentioned above and by vacuumexavation.com should be planned.