Vac-Tron Equipment

Vac-Tron, the Smart Choice for hydro excavators, air excavators, vacuum trucks and industrial vacuum systems.

With dozens of wet/dry uses in one machine, Vac-Tron’s full-range of affordable StreetSmartSM industrial vacuum trucks & trailer-mounted vacuum excavators offer extreme versatility, proven reliability, easy maintenance and cost savings.

Your Vac-Tron hydro excavator, air excavator, and vacuum truck will be the most used equipment in your inventory!

Choose Your Vac-Tron Excavator or Industrial Vacuum Model


LP (Low Profile) Series

Industrial Vacuum & Hydro Excavator

Air Series

Vacuum Excavator
Vac-Tron Mini Combo Excavation System

Mini-Combo Series

Hydro Excavator & Sewer Jetter System
CV Vacuum Excavator

CV Series

Competitive Vacuum Excavator

PTO (Power Take Off) Series

Hydro Truck Vac

EV 150

Economy Hydro Excavator
csseries (1)

CS Series

Compact Industrial Vacuum

SV Series

Mud & Slurry Recovery Hydro Vacuum

FlowMaster Option

Industrial Valve Exercising System