The Vac-Tron filtration system incorporates 4 important components into one assembly.


So don’t settle for less than a filter system that provides ½ micron protection and remember “If it’s not Red it’s not real” so be sure to ask for Vac-Tron by name.

Cyclone, Silencer, Four-Way Valve, & 0.5 Micron Filter

The upright cylinder is the cyclone and is the first line of defense to prevent large particles of debris from passing through the vacuum excavation pump. The silencer for the vacuum is inside the cylinder as well and reduces the noise level of the high speed air leaving the unit. This oversized silencer makes the Vac-Tron one of the quietest units on the market today.

Also enclosed in the filtration assembly is the four-way valve. This valve enables the operator to go from Vacuum to Pressure by simply raising or lowering this lever and you do not have to lower the engine RPMs first. The reverse pressure works to offload liquid materials and dislodge material from a clogged vacuum hose.

Finally, the polyethylene filter provides the final defense for the vacuum pump. This filter cleans the air down to ½ a micron to ensure a long blower life. The filter can be cleaned and used over and over with proper maintenance and care.

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