Could hydro excavation prevented this explosion?

At this moment an investigation is being done in order to find out if the contractor leading this project did take the time to call 811 or map out what lies below the ground. With 11 people injured and 3 in critical condition, this is possibly an accident that could have been avoided with a simple phone call.If gas lines were known to present, hydro excavation could have been the safest digging option.

“A Fresno County equipment operator was working with a crew of jail inmates to expand the sheriff’s department’s gun range alongside Highway 99 when flames shot up well over 100 feet in the air.”

NSDM infographics clockWith the traffic running below ground, safety has GOT to be a priority. To make things even simpler the increased use of vacuum excavation equipment would eliminate the risk of hitting gas lines all together.It is planning ahead along with new technology that continues to make us safer.Source: