Industrial and Commercial Projects that Benefit from Vacuum Excavation

An explosion at a project in Frisco, Texas
An explosion at a project in Frisco, Texas

Every year there are numerous injuries and explosions that occur due to unsafe and poorly planned excavation that strike facilities, and many of these incidents can be avoided or minimized by utilizing vacuum excavation.The right excavation unit for the right job; the motto that stays true with Vac-Tron equipment. There are dozens of different wet/dry uses that make Vac-Tron the choice of water-boring contractors, utility companies, water, wastewater, and stormwater departments, military installation, municipalities, roofing companies, emergency and environmental cleanup teams just to name a few.There are thirteen different applications that Vac-tron uses in order to fulfill the needs of several industries. Some of the most popular are: lateral clean out, clean out, utility location, animal waste and maintenance, and oil spill cleanup.

Vac-Tron in Action

Different applications apply to different jobs. Below are five applications and their modes of equipment use.

  1. Lateral clean out – Using a Vac-Tron Mini Combo series, this will allow manholes to be cleaned out in seconds by high power vacuums
  2. Clean Out – The Vac-Tron Equipment LP and Mini Combo allow for public workers to
    Oil Cleanup from BP spill with Vac-Tron Slurry Vac (SV) Unit
    Oil Cleanup from BP spill with Vac-Tron Slurry Vac (SV) Unit

    remove wet/dry material from catastrophes, such as floods and road spills

  3. Utility Location – The Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum Excavation System uses jets of water to loosen soil instead of heavy machinery to lessen the damage to underground facilities
  4. Animal Waste and Maintenance – Vac-tron Equipment can be used in various cleanups involving animals by using high pressure water to clean ponds, stalls, cages, etc. This allows for a safe removal of waste to ensure the health of the animals.
  5. Oil Spill Cleanup – “The Beach Vac” has been used to help the recent oil spills by removing contaminants from the ocean floor without harming wildlife

These applications are the safer way to cleanup and remove unwanted waste while saving industries time and money.

Preserving the Ocean One Suck at a Time

Catastrophes can happen without warning or without the proper tools to assist. One of the most recent events happened only five years ago, the BP Oil spill, harming thousands of animals and endangering other wildlife hundreds of miles from the incident.Vacuum excavation was used in the cleanup process to clear oil from the surface of the ocean water and also remove tar balls that washed ashore. This process helps protect surrounding vegetation and doesn’t bring further harm to the animals.Vac-Tron specifically developed a series of models to help with the cleanup and to help with large barges and contaminated beaches.

Benefits to Vacuum Excavation in Industrial Plants

Industrial plants are looking at more ways to clean out their systems more quickly and safely. Manual labor can be very intensive and time consuming for the laborers. Heavy machinery poses safety risks to laborers and also causes damage to the surroundings. Hydro excavation eliminates these issues. It is a non-mechanical, eco-friendly and safe method. This means that costs are cut down and the service provided is better and more efficient.Hydro excavation allows for a more accurate and precise job done, so damages to utilities and other equipment are lessened considerably. Hydro and Vacuum excavation also remove blockages and restore industrial plants to their full capabilities and remove the need for costly downtime.

The Question is: Why Not?

Why not try something different? Why not switch to a safer mode of cleaning? More companies are turning to excavation, including but not limited to: utility companies, pipelines, large pit exposure, power plants, manufacturing plants, railroad facilities, etc. More companies are looking for an alternative because the old way is just that… the old way. It is becoming less and less effective to do work manually because of the intensive labor on workers, the cost to the company, and the damage to the infrastructure. Try a new way, a better way… the Vac-Tron way.