373 PTO Vac Excavation Truck

373 in the bronx

Air Excavation is the process of using compressed air to disturb the soil so that it may be lifted with the vacuum. This process is used to safely uncover underground utilities as well as open up trenches allowing the dry soil to be reused in the original hole. Vac-Tron now has a new PTO unit available with an air compressor.

The HTV PTO is now available with 150 CFM @ 175 psi air compressor and our patent pending remote debris tank that allows the operator to easily put the dry soil back into the hole.  

The Power Take Off of the truck drives a positive displacement vacuum blower that produces 1,000 cfm. This unit is standard with a high pressure water system, full hydraulic rear claw door, reverse pressure, and the patented “Big Red” filter housing that cleans the air down to 00.5 microns (best in the industry). Hydraulic booms are also available on the PTO series units.  

A major benefit of the PTO unit is that all components are powered from the truck’s engine eliminating the extra weight, space, and cost of the pony motor.  The available towing package is another benefit allowing you to tow other equipment to the job site to help with efficiency.

This is an exceptional vacuum excavator for many projects as well as directional drill site cleanup, confident utility locates, job site safety, and productive job site management.

HTV 373 PTO w air 1 (1)

For more information about the HTV PTO, contact Vac-Tron Equipment at 888-822-8766 to request a free demo.