Rock Underground only uses VAC-TRON Vacuum Excavators (Video Interview)

Rock Underground, located in the city of Greenfield, MN, is an expert in utility work and exclusively uses Vac-Tron units for locating underground utilities. “All we run is Vac-Tron, every crew we have, runs a Vac-Tron model,” says Adam Rock, Founder of Rock Underground.

Rock Underground uses Vac-Tron vacuum excavators for potholing utilities; locating gas lines, fiber optics, and telephone cables. The units help easily verify the utility depths to prevent damage.
Besides safely locating utilities, Rock Underground has found many other uses with their Vac-Tron vacuum excavators, including cleaning off their machines and trucks.

They chose their most recent Vac-Tron unit, the LP 873 SDT, because of the high CFM. “The technology it has along with the trailer setup and the power, is why we choose Vac-Tron.” said Rock.

Vac-Tron’s LP (Low Profile) series is the premiere line of industrial vacuums and vacuum excavation equipment. Available with gas or diesel engines and high or low CFM. The LP Series starts with 300-gallon debris tanks and goes up to 1,200-gallon debris tanks. Vac-Tron LP units are no taller than 7’ making them very accessible.

The LP SDT series is the top selling High CFM Diesel trailer for Vac-Tron. It includes a Yanmar 49 hp Tier 4 final diesel engine with 1,000 CFM vacuum blower for both wet/dry applications.

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