SV Series Mud & Slurry Recovery Vacuum (Feature)

vac tron sv 500

Designed to handle wet materials exclusively, the Slurry Series takes on the toughest jobs and is the ideal, affordable vacuum system for drilling mud and recovery and transfers through reverse pressure.

Vac-Tron’s Slurry-Vac is the ideal industrial vacuum and cleanup system for drilling mud, oil, and wastewater recovery.

The Slurry-Vac has a large 500-gallon capacity and is engineered to handle liquid material only, such as mud, drilling slurry, sewage and retention water.

Because the Slurry-Vac is designed for liquid material cleanup only it is even more affordably priced.  It is an ideal vacuum system for oil rig cleanups.  It is designed for water barge and inland water and debris remediation.

A footprint of 5 feet by 8 feet and moveable with forklift or crane, the Slurry-Vac gives you the power and versatility of suction where you need it most.

(YouTube Demo Video)