Project Damage Prevention by using Vacuum Excavation

According to Issue Spotlight, Damage prevention training helps to build a culture of prevention within every organization that touches the excavation lifecycle. Education and communication are two tools needed when properly using vacuum excavation to clean a utility site.No one wakes up in the morning saying they are going to cut a utility line today, but it could happen without the proper teachings or equipment. This is a common problem companies face when dealing with underground construction and making sure to jot down worker activity each day excavation is performed.

Monday November 12 2007 in Chico, CA. On Glenshire near Mariposa a home under construction had it's gas line catch on fire.City of Chico Firefighter Wes Metroka stood by with a firehose protecting a near by home until PG&E could shut off the gas.  . in this picture, (Ty Barbour/Chico Enterprise-Record)
City of Chico, CA Firefighter Wes Metroka stood by with a firehose protecting a near by home until PG&E could shut off the gas.
(Ty Barbour/Chico Enterprise-Record)

How Policy Can Prevent Errors

Implementing a prevention policy for excavation can reduce future errors and also educate workers currently on board and future hirers.Below I have listed worker’s tasks that should be completed on an excavation job for future safety

  1. Expanding the safety zone and verifying markings of utilities through physical contact and crossings underground
  2. Standardize nationwide policies and written specs from engineers on specific dig sites
  3. Locate all stakeout reports for the site and walk the area thoroughly while communicating with new workers each day to increase validity

According to a Purdue University report, savings and safety are achieved through reducing unforeseen utility conflicts and relocations, as well as reducing project delays. Performing the tasks above can make a work site run smoothly with the communication of its workers.

Building Confidence in Your Team and Vac-Tron

Following protocol and the necessary steps to get the job done effectively and safely builds confidence in your team members and also the clients you are serving. Vac-Tron prides itself on the high-level of service it offers its clients through careful consideration of each dig site.Below are additional benefits to having their sites serviced using vacuum excavation by the professionals at Vac-tron.

  1. Reduce the risk of project delays due to utility cuts
  2. Vacuum excavation reduces the utility companies’ costs to repair damaged facilities
  3. Drastically minimize damage to existing pavements or other surrounding areas
  4. Reduce the risk of environmental damage

Participation on-site from all co-workers will increase productivity as well as increase the skill level of workers. Professionals take precaution in every job to make sure proper damage prevention is performed for their consumers and giving them peace of mind. Keep your infrastructure in good and take advantage of vacuum excavation. Rely on Vac-Tron Equipment and get the job done safely and efficiently the first time.