Florida born and raised Vacuum Excavators

Crews use Vac-Tron unit for hydro vacuum excavation at oil field in Iraq.
Crews use Vac-Tron unit for hydro vacuum excavation at an oil field in Iraq.

Founder Don Buckner, a multi-generation Floridian, started Vac-Tron Equipment over 20 years ago in the rural areas of Lake and Sumter Counties.

“I remember when Mr. Buckner showed one of the first demonstrations to my dad at an open field in Leesburg, FL; he was pioneering the newest and safest way to dig.  The unit was on the back of a bright blue ’94 Ford Ranger.” says Jason Blount, Digital Consultant for Vac-Tron.

Flash-forward 22 years and Vac-Tron units are being used for safer excavation worldwide. Places like South and Central America, parts of Europe, and the Middle East have units in action.

Vac-Tron is now the industry’s innovative leader and one of the world’s largest producers of industrial vacuum excavation equipment. Boasting more than 30 industrial vacuum products, over 50 wet and dry uses, and located in 115 dealers in North America.

Vac-Tron’s core mission is to provide the highest quality hydro and air vacuum excavators that are Made in the USA. Vac-Tron equipment has continued to grow its manufacturing facility in Florida employing locals that help grow our state’s economy.

A Vac-Tron unit using a jetter system with vacuum excavation for the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District.

If you need a new vacuum excavator for your Florida company or government project, please consider a Vac-Tron unit for a job that sucks.