GatorWorld Parks cleans up with Vacuum Excavator

Vac-Tron unit being used to clean out the pond areas of GatorWorld Parks of Florida

GatorWorld recently opened to visitors in Wildwood, Florida.  It’s a drive-thru experience and petting zoo that allows people to view and interact with alligators in a unique environment.  There are ponds scattered throughout the park and the daily clean up is extensive.  Ponds are drained and refilled and when muck accumulates GatorWorld relies on a Vac-Tron vacuum excavator to get the job done efficiently.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that 22 years ago when I built this machine in my garage that i’d be using it to clean out the pens of alligators,” Don Buckner, CEO of GatorWorld said. Don happens to also be the Founder of Vac-Tron Equipment. “These alligators create a lot of manure and Vac-Tron is the perfect machine for that job.  It doesn’t matter what goes into the hose, whether it’s sand, manure, leaves or twigs – it works great.  The very first visitor of our park just by chance happened to be a Vac-Tron user out of Kansas.  He asked if we use Vac-Tron on the property and I told him we did and that it’s a cost saving measure for the time and energy it saves our employees.”

Before bringing in a Vac-Tron, GatorWorld used shovels, pressure washers, and had to run power to the ponds and it was a “nightmare”.  But now everything is so much quicker with the help of a vacuum excavator.  The vacuum excavator is self contained so once you turn the key it’s got everything you need ready to go with onboard water and a high powered vacuum.

Cleaning these alligator pens is just one of the thousands of applications that your company can do with a Vac-Tron.  View applications page to learn more.

Watch the video demonstration below to see the Vac-Tron in action at GatorWorld.