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Vermeer dealers are here for utility contractors today and every day

The world is living in unprecedented times. While there is no such thing as “business as usual” during today’s uncertainty, utility contractors around the world are doing essential work to keep businesses going, students learning and families connected.

Keeping the world connected means showing up every day and performing underground utility work as efficiently as possible. To do that, your crews should be employing vacuum excavators to pothole all nearby utilities to help mitigate the risk of a utility strike. Since potholing should be performed ahead of any horizontal directional drilling or open-cut work in congested areas, it’s essential to choose a vacuum excavator supported by a dependable network.

According to Scott Gabor, North/Central Florida regional manager for Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service Inc., vacuum excavators have become an essential piece of machinery for utility contractors. “Crews depend on vacuum excavators for maximizing their working time every day, which is why it is vital to work with a responsive equipment partner,” he explained. “When a vac needs to be serviced, minutes matter. We know that, which is why I believe vacuum excavators sold through Vermeer are so widely used in our area.”

Understanding your needs

Gabor said that the first thing contractors should look at when selecting a dealer is the amount of business they do within their line of work. “When looking at utility work, there are only a few dealer networks that dedicate a majority of its resources in this particular area of the construction industry,” Gabor added. “Our expertise matters because we have a better-rounded understanding of utility contractors’ needs. We’ve built our organization around being able to help those individuals. It’s not just service and parts either, Vermeer dealers offer a wide range of skilled labor training events as well to help make sure our customers’ employees understand how to operate and maintain the equipment in their fleet.”

Convenient locations

When you’re vetting a dealer, you also need to make sure they can support your crews wherever you are working. The nature of utility work means your teams are moving around a lot, so you need dealers who not only come to the job when you need them but also have dealer locations conveniently located in the places your team works.

Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service, for example, has 11 dealer locations throughout Alabama, Florida and Georgia, and affiliated companies in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. “In the region, we have one of the largest networks of dealership locations, but we also have an extensive amount of service technicians and sales support representatives in the field, helping customers every day. The combination of our physical locations and team in the field ensures we are there when our customer needs us, and we can get parts and tooling out to a crew quickly.”

Inventory check

While parts and service are a big part of making sure a dealer can support your needs, you also want to make sure they have an extensive inventory of new and used equipment for when its time to add another vacuum excavator. Gabor said each of their 11 yards has a mix of the right vacuum excavators for the needs of utility contractors working in the area. “With so many people working in the field around our dealer territory, we know what models of vacs are helping crews operate efficiently. We stock heavier on those models,” he explained. “We can also get any model we don’t have on stock from another location, as well as vacs with optional accessories. We understand that utility work won’t wait, and our customers shouldn’t have to either.”

Whether you’re working in Florida or somewhere else, Vermeer has one of the furthest reaching dealer networks in the world for vacuum excavators and an extensive model lineup to match. Also, Vermeer dealers have provided vacuum excavators sales and service support since the 1990s. They were there then and will continue to be there to support your crews in the future.

Part of the team

“There are a lot of manufacturers in the vacuum excavator business,” said Gabor. “Some vacs are better built than others, but I don’t believe anyone else offers the quality and innovative product lineup and dealer support Vermeer does. From manufacturing, parts and service to training and support in the field, we go all out to make sure we support the essential work utility contractors are doing each and every day.”

Vermeer and its extensive group of dealers are here to support you now and all the days ahead. For more information, contact your local Vermeer dealer or visit

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Gas-Powered Vacuum Excavators are a Powerful and Economical Solution for Utility Construction

It wasn’t all that long ago most vacuum excavators on the market were equipped with a diesel engine. Units with a gas engine were thought to be underpowered with a shorter life expectancy than similarly sized diesel-powered units. However, today’s advanced gas engines and the added costs associated with new Tier 4 diesel engines have left many contractors reevaluating their stance on gas-powered vacuum excavators, and you should be, too. 

According to Brian Showley, director of sales for Vermeer MV Solutions, the capabilities of gas-powered vacuum excavators have expanded dramatically in the last few years. “Gas-powered vacuum excavators have always been a good option for contractors using them to support a horizontal directional drilling crew with fluid management,” he explained. “However, many older gas models couldn’t move enough cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air to efficiently pothole buried utilities. Today, there are high CFM gas-powered vacuum excavators available that are more on par with similar-sized diesel units.”

Market Shift

More than two decades ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced a tiered series of emissions regulations designed to reduce the carbon footprint of off-highway equipment. Since going into effect, engine and equipment manufacturers have worked together to meet each of the EPA’s tiered regulations, and today’s advanced Tier 4 diesel engines are the results of that work. Tier 4 final engines reduce carbon emissions, increase fuel efficiency, and allow for longer service intervals, but cost significantly more to purchase. 

Meanwhile, as diesel engines were being reengineered to be in compliant with Tier 4 regulations, smaller gas engines were also being redesigned with sophisticated computer controls and high-pressure fuel delivery systems to optimize power and fuel efficiency. Today, most gas-powered vacuum excavators have electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines that are much more reliable and powerful than older carburetor engines.

“The rising costs of purchasing diesel-powered equipment and the performance improvements of EFI gas-powered machines is leading many contractors to run more of a mixed fleet,” explained Showley. “The switch started with the trucks they drive to the job and is expanding to support equipment including vacuum excavators. It’s a trend that is likely to continue as long as they don’t have to sacrifice performance. In fact, contractors working in colder climates might be better off with an EFI motor because they start much easier on cold days.” 

High CFM

Gas-powered vacuum excavators have been around for many years, but Showley said he has noticed a shift in use since Vermeer MV Solutions introduced its Vac-Tron CV SGT High CFM vacs with a 1,000 CFM vacuum pump powered by a 38 horsepower (28.3 kW) EFI gas engine. “Contractors used to complain that gas engine vacs didn’t have enough suction power for potholing in clay and other challenging soil conditions,” he explained. “The introduction of high CFM gas models changed that. These new models deliver the same vacuum performance and have the water pump capacity to deliver plenty of pressure to loosen up material. There is not much of a performance difference between high CFM gas vacs and diesel-powered units in the 3 inch – 4 inch (7.6 cm-10.2 cm) diameter hose size vacuum excavator market anymore.” 

Showley went on to say that the similar performance levels of high CFM gas-powered vacuum excavators also have a lower price tag than their diesel counterparts. “While gas-powered vacs are more economical to operate because of the lower upfront purchase price, gas engines tend to not last as long as a quality diesel engine,” he said. “That is the trade-off that contractors need to wrestle with. However, in many instances, the price difference between gas and diesel engines is substantial enough to offset the costs of having to replace a gas engine down the road. Over the road, gas-powered vacs have an advantage because they usually don’t weigh as much as diesel units. A difference of a few hundred pounds can make a big difference when hauling a full tank of slurry.”

Choosing Diesel

Investing in a quality vacuum excavator with a diesel engine is still a solid investment for contractors. The fact of the matter is, diesel models will likely hold their value better than gas-powered units, which makes a difference for any contractor who likes to upgrade their fleet often. Also, while gas-powered vacuum excavators match up pretty well within the 3 inch – 4 inch hose size class, diesel is still king in the larger vacuum excavator sizes. “Maybe someday gas engines will be able to better compete in those higher categories, but for now advances in the smaller categories are leading the way,” added Showley. 

Gas or diesel vacuum excavators — the choice is up to you. If you need help weighing your options, be sure to contact your local Vermeer dealer or request a demo below.

Vermeer MV Solutions Welcomes New West Coast Regional Sales Manager

Jason Dewitt joins the Vermeer team with 12 years of experience of various equipment industry roles

GREENVILLE, South Carolina, May 28, 2019 — Vermeer MV Solutions is building upon its already strong customer service in the drilling industry with the addition of Jason Dewitt as the new west coast regional sales manager based out of Exeter, California. In his new role, Dewitt will manage sales activities within his region and provide quality support to the dealers in those territories by determining dealer sales and marketing needs. 

Over the years, Dewitt has held various equipment sales roles with increasing responsibilities — including previous positions with Vermeer Pacific and Vermeer Rocky Mountain. He has also served in the United States Air Force and as a police officer in Billings, Montana, and Visalia, California.

“Jason’s previous roles in equipment sales and his career as a police officer have molded him into an efficient leader with a team-oriented mindset,” said Vermeer MV Solutions director of sales Brian Showley. “We have no doubt that he will be able to hit the ground running with his passions for building strong relationships and providing quality customer service.”

Learn more about Vermeer MV Solutions by visiting


Meet the new powerhouse in vacuum excavation technology and equipment. We’ve brought together two innovative leaders in the underground utility and soft-dig industries. Today, McLaughlin Group Inc. and Vac-Tron Equipment are one, giving you the power to leverage their combined technology, market expertise and production capabilities on jobsites all over the world. Learn more at your local Vermeer dealer.

Vermeer Corporation Announces Acquisition of Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC


Press Release / Pella, Iowa – (Nov. 12, 2018) – Vermeer Corporation announced its purchase of Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC, and its plans to bring the Florida-based company together with McLaughlin Group, Inc. which was purchased by Vermeer in 2017. This acquisition and integration of the two companies builds on the Vermeer strategy to provide a comprehensive suite of vacuum excavation technology, equipment, training and support to the growing underground utility and soft dig markets.

Founded in 1997, Vac-Tron has grown to become a respected brand known for innovative, high-quality vacuum excavation products sold and serviced across underground utility markets. Headquartered in Okahumpka, FL, Vac-Tron offices and production facilities employ more than 100 people. For the last 13 years, Vac-Tron products have been sold almost exclusively through the Vermeer dealer network.

McLaughlin, a drill tooling and vacuum excavation company founded in 1921 and located in Greenville, South Carolina with more than 100 team members, brought nearly a century of industry knowledge into the Vermeer fold last year.

“This acquisition allows us to leverage the innovation, market expertise and production capabilities across our McLaughlin, Vac-Tron and Vermeer brands to meet increasing customer demand while giving our dealers a more efficient, single-point connection to a full product lineup. Coming together solidifies the long-term strategy and commitment to support customers and dealers in a unified way,” said Jason Andringa, Vermeer Corporation president and CEO.

Operating under the combined group Vermeer MV Solutions, the organization will continue to provide Vermeer-branded vacuum excavation equipment and technology through dedicated Vac-Tron and McLaughlin series product lines as well as McLaughlin branded utility accessories and auger boring systems.

Vermeer MV Solutions will operate under one combined leadership and sales team led by General Manager Dave Van Wyk. Leadership at both Vac-Tron and McLaughlin will come together and serve as a unified team, bringing the strengths and best practices together in the areas of innovation, design, manufacturing, sales and customer support. The Florida and South Carolina locations will continue production as they work together to meet the growing demand within the soft dig markets.

“We’ve been proud to have the Vermeer name on our equipment for the past 13 years. Now, we are proud to formally be a part of the Vermeer family. We look forward to investing with McLaughlin and Vermeer to deliver the technology and equipment our customers need as we provide the highest quality product for the customer,” said Tim Fischer, Vac-Tron president.

“When my son, Donnie, and I started Vac-Tron Equipment in our garage, we could not have imagined the crazy and wonderful ride God had in store for us. We are very excited to have Vermeer as the new owners. Knowing that they are a faith-based and family-owned company assures me that the Vac-Tron team is in good hands. We are now ready for the next big adventure,” said Don Buckner, founder of Vac-Tron Equipment.

About Vermeer

Vermeer Corporation delivers a real impact in a progressing world through the manufacture of high-quality underground construction, surface mining, tree care, environmental and agricultural equipment. With a reputation for durability and reliability, that equipment is backed by localized customer service and support provided by independent dealers around the world. To learn more about Vermeer Corporation, visit To dig into the Vermeer story, visit

For more information, please contact:
Ryan Benbo – Sr. Marketing Director
Vermeer Corporation | O: (641) 621-8518
[email protected]

Underground Fire Protection Service In Texas Digs Vac-Tron

Hydro excavation and air vacuum excavation gives solutions to the most treacherous underground fire protection digging jobs. Here at Hughes Excavating, we love to have the latest equipment to provide the best service. As excavating and digging become increasingly difficult thanks to the never-ending lines of underground services, we see technological solutions coming to hand. The Vac Tron, an excavator like no other, saves Hughes and our customers time and money! Read Full Post

Luckily, we stumbled upon the versatile hydro excavator from Vac Tron, and it became the go-to-excavator for any tricky request or underground fire emergency.


2018 Awardee of Florida Companies to Watch

Vac-Tron Equipment is honored to announce we are a 2018 Awardee of the Florida Companies to Watch Award. Vac-Tron was one of the companies selected from more than 500 nominees for Florida Companies to WatchSM, a statewide program managed by economic development group GrowFL, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Vac-Tron’s management team, competitive market position, and strong community involvement were among several factors that put them in contention for the award.

“These stand-out companies are all led by entrepreneurs, and have demonstrated their capacity and intent to grow,” said Dr. Tom O’Neal, GrowFL executive director. “They also all have critical intellectual property or a niche position that gives them a competitive edge in their markets,” he said.

“It is an honor to be a winner of the 2018 Florida Companies to Watch Award. It is a testament to the team we have at Vac-Tron Equipment and the continual commitment to excellence we share as a company,” said Tim Fischer, President of Vac-Tron Equipment.

Vac-Tron Equipment is the industry’s innovative leader and one of the world’s largest producers of industrial vacuum equipment and vacuum excavation equipment. Vac-Tron, which has more than 30 industrial vacuum products, has 115 dealer locations in North America.


Zimmerer Kubota Finds Value with Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavators

Zimmerer Kubota & Equipment, Inc. has been serving its customers since 1979. With five locations in Texas including Cleburne, Decatur, Denton, Fort Worth, and Gainesville, they offer sales, parts, service, and rental at each of their stores. Zimmerer Kubota is known for offering their customers top quality products, including Vac-Tron Equipment vacuum excavators.

“We love our Vac-Tron, we love our Vermeer sales team that backs the product, and we won’t go anywhere else,” said Zimmerer.

Project Challenge:

Zimmerer Kubota wanted to purchase a piece of equipment to add to their fleet that their customers could use to do the job, safer and more efficiently, than having to rent two to three other pieces of equipment for the job. “Some of the criteria that we used when we were looking to purchase a Vac-Tron, or a machine-like Vac-Tron was the dealer and the product. We had already had dealings with the Vermeer company here in Dallas/Ft. Worth, so we knew what kind of parts and service they offer, what kind of attention to detail they had, and how good they would take care of us after the sale which was extremely important to us. Secondly, once we met the Vac-Tron team, we were even more impressed with the plant, the company, and the product and we have still been impressed now that we have been running it over a year.” Says Sam Zimmerer, Co-Owner and Vice President at Zimmerer Kubota.

Solution: A Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavator is Safer and More Efficient than Traditional Excavation

“We have been actively including Vac-Tron into our rental fleet for a little over a year; we started with one unit and it seemed like that unit was never here, always out, people would call and we were out, so we added a second, and then that unit was always out, and we added a third and will probably add a fourth here soon because it rents so well. There is no down time, it does its job, and it does it right the first time evidently because they keep coming back and renting it again.” says Zimmerer. Gentry added, “Using a hydro vac after we have had it in the rental fleet for a little bit definitely opened our customer’s eyes. Once they started using it and we started demoing it and letting them see what we could do, it was a lot more efficient than having to rent two or three other pieces of equipment, they can just use the one.
Vacuum Excavator Applications:


“ROI on these units are awesome. They perform well, our customers are very happy with the product, and they keep the maintenance cost down,” said Gentry. “We love our Vac-Tron, we love our Vermeer sales team that backs the product, and we won’t go anywhere else,” said Zimmerer.

  • Increased ROI
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Safer Equipment
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • High Performance equipment

Check out the full video interview with Zimmerer Kubota. For more information on Vac-Tron Equipment and its full fleet of vacuum excavators, please visit them online at or call 1-352-728-2222.

Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavators Increase Bottom Line For Texas First Rentals

A strong dealer support network combined with a safe and reliable product are yielding satisfied customers and increased revenue for Texas First Rentals, sister company to Holt Cat®, one of the Largest Caterpillar Dealers in the US. At Texas First, you can rent the Cat® equipment you’ve always trusted for your toughest jobs – plus a whole lot more: equipment from Genie®, JLG®, Sullair®, Wacker®, LayMor®, Vermeer®, and other top-notch manufacturers including Vac-Tron Equipment.

Project Challenge

Finding the perfect vacuum excavator and industrial vacuum equipment to add to the rental fleet. “The most important factors in determining what fleet we bought was the relationship we have with our dealer support network and the fact that we can utilize one model and maintain a commonality of parts.” said Colin Martin, District Manager of Texas First.


Vac-Tron Equipment vacuum excavators and industrial vacs. “We started buying the Vac-Tron machine when we initially started the company back in 2015. It’s a product that appears across all our stores, we have about 15 stores across the state of Texas,” said Martin. Michael Rutledge, Outside Sales Rep added,

“The rental return on investment (ROI) is how we are opening our doors every day and closing them at the end of the day. I think this product is really making that bottom line more effective,” added Rutledge.


Satisfied customers and satisfied company owners. “I hear probably weekly that our customers are very satisfied with the product. At this current location, there are three customers that currently use these Vac-Tron’s monthly, some even use them long term on a 3-6-month basis,” says Rutledge. “I would recommend these machines to others just for the ease of use, ease of maintenance, service ability concerns, and the return on investment,” says Martin. “The rental return on investment (ROI) is how we are opening our doors everyday and closing them at the end of the day. I think this product is really making that bottom line more effective,” added Rutledge.


New 6-way Hydraulic Boom Design

Vac-Tron Equipment is proud to announce the release of its new 6-way hydraulic boom design for its trailer vacuum excavation equipment and industrial vacuum equipment.

This hydraulic boom maximizes job performance by supporting the weight of the vacuum hose. The new design features increased boom length, full 6-way hydraulic function, 5” hose, curved end with oversized rollers, new wireless remote control, vacuum valve function operated from remote, wired harness, new remote storage location, forward stored boom in front of engine compartment, 330-degree swing, quick connect 4” tooling, easily connected additional section hose, water jet cleanout in boom, and easily accessible no tools needed cleanout port.

For more information on the boom or Vac-Tron’s equipment visit or call 1-352-728-2222.

Vac-Tron, the industry leader in vacuum excavation equipment and industrial vacuum equipment. We got your VAC!

Just Released: CS 1270 Vacuum Excavator w/ video

Vac-Tron Equipment has released their new CS 1270 trailer vac. This new Compact Industrial Vac Series comes standard with a 1200-gallon debris tank and 580 or 1,000 cfm. It is also available with a hydraulic operated opening and locking rear door, wet/dry filtration cyclone, 30’ x 3” suction hose and tool, and 27 HP or 37 HP Kohler gas engine. Options include 24 HP Kohler diesel engine and reverse pressure.

It is ideal for drill slurry cleanup as well as other projects that call for slurry removal. With the optional reverse pressure, you can collect the slurry, transport, and offload it into another container or simply open the rear door and dump the material quickly.

For more information about the CS 1270 GT or SGT model, contact Vac-Tron Equipment at 888-822-8766 to request a free demo.

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JTV (Jetter Truck Vac) on display at the WWETT Show – Indiana Feb. 21-24, 2018

Vac-Tron has the right equipment for you! Our JTV (Jetter Truck Vac) series of PTO truck driven systems combines high CFM vacuum excavation with high pressure jetter capabilities putting this truck in a league of its own. The JTV is one of the most versatile sewer jetter machines on the market today, so don’t miss our BOOTH 6328 at the WWETT show!

The Power Take Off of the truck drives a positive displacement vacuum blower that produces 1,000 cfm @ 16 hg vacuum pump. It also comes standard with reverse pressure, 800-gallon debris tank, 300-gallon water supply, 15 gpm @ 3000 psi water pump, hydraulic rear claw door, the industry leading big red filter housing, and 500′ x 1/2″jetter hose reel.

A major benefit of the PTO Driven unit is that all components are controlled from the truck eliminating the extra weight, space, and cost of the pony motor. The available towing package is another benefit allowing you to tow other equipment to the job site to help with efficiency.

This is an exceptional vacuum excavator for many projects including sewer jetting, potholing, storm drain cleaning, lateral cleanout and many more.

For more information about the JTV 873 PTO, contact Vac-Tron Equipment at 888-822-8766

Super Truck Vac (STV) Split Shaft PTO will be introduced at 2018 UCT Conference in New Orleans

For over 20 years, Vac-Tron Equipment has developed innovative, reliable vacuum excavation equipment and is introducing the newest addition to their fleet at UCT!  You don’t want to miss it January 30th- February 1st, 2018!

Vac-Tron’s NEW Super Truck Vac (STV) Split Shaft PTO driven systems are available with 3000 cfm @ 18 Hg PD vacuum blower, and 6” hose & tooling with hydraulic boom. Standard with a high-pressure water system, full hydraulic rear door, reverse pressure, and the patented “Big Red” filter housing that cleans the air down to 0.5 microns.

Below is the registration link and free code so stop by and check out Vac-Tron’s NEW Super Truck Vac series! Booth 213
1. Registration link:
2. Enter code: 18UEG on the payment page

Don’t be a statistic! The cost of damaging utilities can range from environmental contamination, project delays, lost time and productivity and even more tragically, death. Vacuum excavation is used worldwide and has quickly grown into the best method for safer digging.

GatorWorld Parks cleans up with Vacuum Excavator

Vac-Tron unit being used to clean out the pond areas of GatorWorld Parks of Florida

GatorWorld recently opened to visitors in Wildwood, Florida.  It’s a drive-thru experience and petting zoo that allows people to view and interact with alligators in a unique environment.  There are ponds scattered throughout the park and the daily clean up is extensive.  Ponds are drained and refilled and when muck accumulates GatorWorld relies on a Vac-Tron vacuum excavator to get the job done efficiently.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that 22 years ago when I built this machine in my garage that i’d be using it to clean out the pens of alligators,” Don Buckner, CEO of GatorWorld said. Don happens to also be the Founder of Vac-Tron Equipment. “These alligators create a lot of manure and Vac-Tron is the perfect machine for that job.  It doesn’t matter what goes into the hose, whether it’s sand, manure, leaves or twigs – it works great.  The very first visitor of our park just by chance happened to be a Vac-Tron user out of Kansas.  He asked if we use Vac-Tron on the property and I told him we did and that it’s a cost saving measure for the time and energy it saves our employees.”

Before bringing in a Vac-Tron, GatorWorld used shovels, pressure washers, and had to run power to the ponds and it was a “nightmare”.  But now everything is so much quicker with the help of a vacuum excavator.  The vacuum excavator is self contained so once you turn the key it’s got everything you need ready to go with onboard water and a high powered vacuum.

Cleaning these alligator pens is just one of the thousands of applications that your company can do with a Vac-Tron.  View applications page to learn more.

Watch the video demonstration below to see the Vac-Tron in action at GatorWorld.

Introducing New Midwest Territory Manager, Mike Spaulding

It is our pleasure to introduce Mike Spaulding, as our new Midwest Territory Manager. Mike lives in Carmel, Indiana and comes to us from Vermeer Midwest where he was a territory manager. He brings a strong commitment of customer service and loyalty to our team. Not only does he have 12 years of industry experience; he also operated, sold, serviced, and supported Vac-Tron during that time. We are very fortunate to have him!

Welcoming New Team Members, Charna Kelley and Jacob Keller

Welcoming New Team Members, Charna Kelley and Jacob Keller

Please help us welcome Charna Kelley and Jacob Keller to our Vac-Tron team.

Charna is our Administrative Assistant. She will be working in the office, answering the phones, receiving visitors, as well as providing administrative support. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Jake is our Engineer Manager. He and his wife, Stephanie are both originally from Utah. He graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and earned his M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Nebraska. He moved from Nebraska to Florida almost 4 years ago. He also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We are excited that both are a part of our Vac-Tron family!

PTO Jetter Truck Vac (JTV) will be featured at WJTA Show Oct. 26-27th, 2017

Vac-Tron Equipment will be exhibiting at the WJTA – IMCA Expo in New Orleans on October 26th and 27th in Booth 737.

The WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) was formed in 1983 at the Second U.S. Waterjet Conference in Rolla, Missouri, when the WJTA founders saw a need for an association to serve the rapidly evolving technology of high and ultra high pressure water jetting in its many applications.

Vac-Tron will be showcasing their JTV 873 PTO. This series of PTO truck driven system combines high CFM vacuum excavation with high pressure jetter capabilities putting this truck in  a league of its own.

Vac-Tron action shot of Jetter Truck Vac.  The Vac-Tron JTV PTO Series is one of the most versatile sewer jetter machines on the market today.

The Power Take Off of the truck drives a positive displacement vacuum blower that produces 1,000 cfm @ 16 hg vacuum pump. It also comes standard with reverse pressure, 800-gallon debris tank, 300-gallon water supply, 15 gpm @ 3000 psi water pump, hydraulic rear claw door, big red filter housing, and 500′ x 1/2″ jetter hose reel.

A major benefit of the PTO Driven unit is that all components are controlled from the truck eliminating the extra weight, space, and cost of the pony motor.  The available towing package is another benefit allowing you to tow other equipment to the job site to help with efficiency.

This is an exceptional vacuum excavator for many projects including sewer jetting, potholing, storm drain cleaning, lateral clean-out and many more.  Read More about the JTV 873 PTO on the product page.

Vac-Tron Equipment manufactures a full-line of vacuum excavators and has been the industry innovator for over 20 years. To help with safer and quicker digging, municipalities in the U.S. and worldwide have added a Vac-Tron unit to the fleet.

A Recent Case Study by City Water Supervisor for Tavares, Florida:

NYC Subway System adds Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavators to Fleet

Gov. Cuomo watching a Vac-Tron unit in action. Image Source

New York: Cleaning Subway Systems with Vac-Tron

Politico reported on an initiative the New York Governor is taking to get the subway system to run more efficiently. “Dressed in pale dress trousers and work boots, Gov. Andrew Cuomo grasped an industrial vacuum known as a Vac-Tron and sucked up a pile of litter from the subway tracks in Union Square last week.” – Read More:

Here is a clip from the Press Release The Governors office shared via

“Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today unveiled the “Keep It Clean” initiative to discourage subway littering, a significant underlying cause of flooding, fires and extensive delays in the subway system. The MTA will run a public awareness campaign to inform riders of the impact on public safety due to littering. “Littering is not only illegal but dangerous and directly causes hundreds of thousands of delays, inconveniencing millions of New Yorkers,” Governor Cuomo said. “This initiative will help stop littering-related delays at the source, improving reliability and helping the MTA deliver the subway service that New Yorkers deserve.”

As water flows through the track bed, it collects debris that clogs grated track drains, which in turn causes water to pool on the track bed, accelerating breakdown of the track plates and railroad ties. As pooling increases and the water level rises, it interacts with subway signal equipment – turning signals red and stopping trains on the track. As the water level increases further, it touches the third rail, severely impairing the electrical system. In these cases, service must be immediately suspended until the water is pumped out. Saturated third rail insulators and water-compromised positive cables can also catch fire, again requiring service suspensions until isolated and repaired.

The initiative is utilizing three types of new special heavy equipment in 10 priority corridors, covering 286 miles or 43 percent of the mainline track. One of the three is a Vac-Tron. The city currently has one now and two more on the way.”

The NYCT (New York City Transit) uses the Mini Combo Series, MC 1273.

You can view all Vac-Tron Equipment Vacuum Excavators here.

Introducing Empire CAT as new Arizona dealer

Vac-Tron Equipment is excited to introduce Empire CAT as their new Arizona dealer. Vac-Tron partnered with Empire because they share the same common core values and beliefs. “This was a perfect fit and we are honored to have Empire CAT representing our product line.” Brian Showley, VP Vac-Tron Equipment.

“We wanted to partner with a company that shared similar strategies within the markets we serve. Vac-Tron is an industry leader in vacuum excavation and their equipment lends itself to the same clientele that we serve with our excavation lines from Caterpillar. Empire CAT is always looking for ways to offer our customers safer and more efficient products and our partnership with Vac-Tron brings a new level of safety to the jobsite.”  Michael Rodoni, Rental Manager for Empire CAT

Empire Southwest, LLC is a third-generation family-owned Caterpillar dealership. Founded in 1950 by Jack Whiteman, Empire sells, rents, and services heavy equipment, tractors, and power generation equipment to contractors throughout Arizona.

Empire is: 

  • Committed to meeting the needs and supporting the success of clients throughout the mining, agriculture, and construction industries.
  • Proud of our business culture, which was built on the Corporate Values of Safety, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Stewardship, and Astonishment.
  • Dedicated to the success of our clients and the communities we serve.
  • Committed to building and maintaining solid business partnerships.

For more information on Empire CAT, please visit

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Celebrating 6,000th Unit And ‘Logan Lucky’ Appearance

Vac-Tron Equipment hosted a red carpet event to celebrate its 6,000th unit being built, along with its Low Profile trailer mounted industrial vacuum unit debuting in Logan Lucky, a new hit comedy. The event was held in the Villages, Fla., where Vac-Tron hosted the screening and was a chance for its employees and their families to celebrate this monumental event. Also in attendance was Vac-Tron’s customer Echo Utility Engineering and Surveying, who recently purchased the 6,000th unit, along with Vac-Tron’s dealer, Vermeer Southeast.

Channing Tatum holding on to Vac-Tron unit on set of Logan Lucky

‘Lucky’ doesn’t begin to describe the amazing product placement that Vac-Tron received on the big screen. The movie showed the true power of the Vac-Tron units as actors Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig and Adam Driver used the unit to suck money out of an underground vault and into the vacuum unit for the big heist.

The Vac-Tron unit made its star appearance within a few minutes of the movie starting. It was a surreal experience to see the Vac-Tron unit live and in action with the loud cheers from the crowd. The movie showcased the unit at least 10 times with extended periods during each shot and the crowd’s enthusiasm increased every time. This was a humbling experience for the employees of Vac-Tron to see a unit that they built in the little city of Okahumpka, Fla., make it to the big screen. Vac-Tron units have been built in Central Florida for over 20 years and shipped all around the world.

A reporter with The Daily Sun interviewed Vac-Tron’s founder Don Buckner and president Tim Fischer. “We never thought that we’d make it on the big screen and we are excited for all of our employees. We have a great team and to be able to celebrate this event and our 6,000th unit is a true honor”, said Fischer.
“I started Vac-Tron in my two-car garage more than 20 years ago. We started with nothing and built it to the organization it is today,” said Buckner. “It’s just surreal to me to imagine that we had this kind of success with our equipment.”

It’s no wonder the director decided to use a Vac-Tron unit when looking for a versatile way to safely dig and suck material up quickly for a project, even if it was just for a movie. While Vac-Tron does not list “robbing a NASCAR race,” as an application for its product, there are many highly efficient applications for a Vac-Tron unit, i.e. locating utilities, potholing, directional drilling, controlled excavation, industrial cleanup and many more.

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Welcoming New West Coast Territory Manager, King Norris

We are pleased to welcome King Norris to our Vac-Tron family, as our new West Coast Territory Manager. King brings a strong commitment of customer service and loyalty to our team and we are very fortunate to have him.

For the last 30 years, King has been in the construction field. He started building computer clean rooms, then went into the telecommunications business building cellular phone towers. For the last 20 years he has been in the underground utilities construction arena, installing dry utilities for Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-VERSE and more. He is looking forward to this next chapter with Vac-Tron Equipment!