Released: PTO (Power Take Off) Driven Hydro Truck Vacs (w/ Video)

Vac-Tron HTV 573 PTO Truck:  A NEW series of PTO truck driven systems available on Ford or Freightliner chassis. The full line of the HTV (Hydro Truck Vac) series has debris tanks ranging from 300 gallon to 1500 gallon in size. The Power Take Off of the truck drives positive displacement vacuum blowers that produce 1,000 to 2,600 CFM. These units are standard with a high pressure water system, full hydraulic rear door, reverse pressure, and the patented “Big Red” filter housing that cleans the air down to 00.5 microns (best in the industry) before it passes back through the vacuum pump.  Air compressors and Hydraulic booms are also available on most of the HTV series units.  Patent Pending.

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