Vac-Tron LP / PMD Hydraulic Rear Door Adjustment

The Vac-Tron LP (Low Profile) Series (former PMD Series) comes equipped with a hydraulic rear door, which opens fully so the operator can completely empty the contents. To make adjustments to this door, operators should follow these steps:1st: Inside Center Cam Adjustment: Before any adjustments are made, open door and prop door open using door safety prop.To adjust the cam, loosen bolts on cam (1) then move up or down as needed by moving door latches (3) up or down (move both latches at the same time). After adjustment is made, snug bolts (do not tighten).DIAGRAM 1PMD-Diagram 1Close door until door is 2″ from the seal and with a light look inside, the latch needs to be approximately 1/4” (Diagram 1) above the door pin as it passes across. Once this is achieved tighten bolts on cam.2nd: Inside Door Latch Adjustment: Clean the door latches before making adjustments.Use a silver pencil to mark inside of the door latches in 1/8″ increments (see diagram 2). Loosen the (3) ½” bolts securing the door latches with an impact wrench.DIAGRAM 2PMD-Diagram 2Move the door latches towards the door 1/8″. Tighten all three bolts with ½” impact wrench – they must be very tight. Close the door and lock it. Test for leaks by filling with water. Repeat steps if necessary.3rd: Adjust 4 U – bolt manual latches on outside of the tank while under vacuum.DIAGRAM 3PMD-Diagram 3