Grain Journal Review

Vac-Tron Equipment is the industry leader in industrial vacuums. Now, you can bring its unmatched power and dependability to your grain elevator and silo cleanup jobs.

Vac-Tron’s LP 533SDT lets you easily remove grain residue from grain elevators, silos, and from around conveyors belts – no shoveling required. With attachments that can easily reach behind machinery, there’s no need to shut down for cleaning. You handle the grain residue once, which means it stays cleaner. And with an optional food-grade polyurethane- coated tank, your grain can go further.Our Low Profile 33 series was recently reviewed in Grain Journal. Read the article here.VacTron_grain ad cropped

Cement Plant uses Vac-tron unit for quick and easy cleanup

Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC is the industry leader in industrial vacuums. Now, you can bring its unmatched power and dependability to your jobsite. Our products let you easily and safely cleanup cement slurry and help to quickly remove the cement residue and dust. They can also be used during high pressure surface cleaning. Our units are completely self-contained and operate high-powered WET/DRY vacuum pumps with highly effective filtration systems. From 150-gallon compact systems to large capacity systems, Vac-Tron has the right equipment for the job.

Introducing the new LP 533/833 SGT

Vac-Tron Equipment, the industry innovation leader in industrial vacuums, potholing, daylighting, hydro excavation, air excavation and environmental cleanup equipment, would like to introduce the new LP 533/833 SGT, our new gas unit.

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Vac-Tron LP / PMD Hydraulic Rear Door Adjustment

The Vac-Tron LP (Low Profile) Series (former PMD Series) comes equipped with a hydraulic rear door, which opens fully so the operator can completely empty the contents. To make adjustments to this door, operators should follow these steps:1st: Inside Center Cam Adjustment: Before any adjustments are made, open door and prop door open using door safety prop.To adjust the cam, loosen bolts on cam (1) then move up or down as needed by moving door latches (3) up or down (move both latches at the same time). After adjustment is made, snug bolts (do not tighten).DIAGRAM 1PMD-Diagram 1Close door until door is 2″ from the seal and with a light look inside, the latch needs to be approximately 1/4” (Diagram 1) above the door pin as it passes across. Once this is achieved tighten bolts on cam.2nd: Inside Door Latch Adjustment: Clean the door latches before making adjustments.Use a silver pencil to mark inside of the door latches in 1/8″ increments (see diagram 2). Loosen the (3) ½” bolts securing the door latches with an impact wrench.DIAGRAM 2PMD-Diagram 2Move the door latches towards the door 1/8″. Tighten all three bolts with ½” impact wrench – they must be very tight. Close the door and lock it. Test for leaks by filling with water. Repeat steps if necessary.3rd: Adjust 4 U – bolt manual latches on outside of the tank while under vacuum.DIAGRAM 3PMD-Diagram 3 

Our LP 33 Series: Safer, User-Friendly and Quiet

Vac-Tron is pleased to roll out its new Low Profile 33 Series, a unit that features reduced noise levels, an all-hydraulic exterior rear door, and an overall operator experience that is safer and more user-friendly.The rear door features hydraulics that eliminate the need for external manual safety locks. It opens fully so the operator can completely empty the contents and clean out easier. For operator safety, the door is controlled by push buttons located on the side of the unit.Other available features:

  • Quick connect camlock fittings
  • Two sections of 120.5’ suction hoses
  • Underwater tank hose and wand storage
  • Horizontal wand storage
  • Spring-loaded locking handles

Similar to previous generations of our LP Series, the 33 Series has all the power to remove a variety of wet and dry materials. Some applications include; storm drain clean-out, underground utility locating, treatment plant cleanup, retention pond clean-out, lateral line clean-out, excavation of small rocks and dry sand, mud removal, manhole clean-out, water meter box clean-out, water valve clean-out, car wash cleanup, and emergency road spills, grain silo clean-out.“The quieter operation of the LP 33 is notable,” said Brian Showley, Vice President of Sales at Vac-Tron. “We occasionally hear of contractors getting shut down prematurely at job sites due to noise in densely populated areas. This adds to project delays and overall costs simply because their equipment was too noisy. The LP 33 Series solves that challenge.”Available with the optional hydraulic boom and/or air compressor, the LP is available either trailer-mounted or truck mounted for mobility on the jobsite. Other standard features include a reverse pressure system, 0.5 micron filtration and a heavy duty trailer with torsion axels.