Zimmerer Kubota Finds Value with Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavators

Zimmerer Kubota & Equipment, Inc. has been serving its customers since 1979. With five locations in Texas including Cleburne, Decatur, Denton, Fort Worth, and Gainesville, they offer sales, parts, service, and rental at each of their stores. Zimmerer Kubota is known for offering their customers top quality products, including Vac-Tron Equipment vacuum excavators.

“We love our Vac-Tron, we love our Vermeer sales team that backs the product, and we won’t go anywhere else,” said Zimmerer.

Project Challenge:

Zimmerer Kubota wanted to purchase a piece of equipment to add to their fleet that their customers could use to do the job, safer and more efficiently, than having to rent two to three other pieces of equipment for the job. “Some of the criteria that we used when we were looking to purchase a Vac-Tron, or a machine-like Vac-Tron was the dealer and the product. We had already had dealings with the Vermeer company here in Dallas/Ft. Worth, so we knew what kind of parts and service they offer, what kind of attention to detail they had, and how good they would take care of us after the sale which was extremely important to us. Secondly, once we met the Vac-Tron team, we were even more impressed with the plant, the company, and the product and we have still been impressed now that we have been running it over a year.” Says Sam Zimmerer, Co-Owner and Vice President at Zimmerer Kubota.

Solution: A Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavator is Safer and More Efficient than Traditional Excavation

“We have been actively including Vac-Tron into our rental fleet for a little over a year; we started with one unit and it seemed like that unit was never here, always out, people would call and we were out, so we added a second, and then that unit was always out, and we added a third and will probably add a fourth here soon because it rents so well. There is no down time, it does its job, and it does it right the first time evidently because they keep coming back and renting it again.” says Zimmerer. Gentry added, “Using a hydro vac after we have had it in the rental fleet for a little bit definitely opened our customer’s eyes. Once they started using it and we started demoing it and letting them see what we could do, it was a lot more efficient than having to rent two or three other pieces of equipment, they can just use the one.
Vacuum Excavator Applications:


“ROI on these units are awesome. They perform well, our customers are very happy with the product, and they keep the maintenance cost down,” said Gentry. “We love our Vac-Tron, we love our Vermeer sales team that backs the product, and we won’t go anywhere else,” said Zimmerer.

  • Increased ROI
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Safer Equipment
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • High Performance equipment

Check out the full video interview with Zimmerer Kubota. For more information on Vac-Tron Equipment and its full fleet of vacuum excavators, please visit them online at www.vactron.com or call 1-352-728-2222.