Vac Excavators Featured in the Carolina’s Vermeer Locations

Companies and municipalities utilizing a vacuum excavator for safer digging have a more efficient way to handle projects. Using hydro vacuum excavation is less invasive in nature when compared to other traditional methods of excavating, higher precision, leading to less disposal of materials and accordingly less restoration, and uses less manpower when compared to conventional digging. Dirt is stored in the debris tank keeping the area clean which leads to minimal disruption in traffic and less damage to power lines.

To learn more about the units below, visit or call one of the Vermeer Mid Atlantic locations located in North & South Carolina.

  • Colfax, NC
  • Garner, NC
  • Simpsonville, SC
  • Summerville, SC

Vac-Tron Equipment’s full fleet of Truck Mounted PTO Series Vacuum Excavators


The Hydro Truck Vac (HTV) PTO driven systems are available with 300 to 1200–gallon size debris tanks, 1,000 cfm blower, and 4” hose & tooling.

The Jetter Truck Vac (JTV) PTO combines vacuum excavation with high pressure jetter capabilities. 1,000 cfm @ 16 hg vacuum blower, 800 to 1200-gallon debris tanks, 15 gpm @ 3000 psi jetter pump, and 500′ x 1/2″ jetter hose.

These units are standard with a high-pressure water system, full hydraulic rear door, reverse pressure, and the patented “Big Red” filter housing that cleans the air down to 0.5 microns.

Micro Trenching is one of the installation methods being utilized by contractors to bring fiber networks to consumers

Micro Trenching is an installation method in which a narrow and relatively shallow trench is cut, usually on an asphalt roadway. Trench dimensions can range from .75 to 2.24 inches wide and 8 to 16 inches deep. While cutting, a vacuum system connected to the cutter wheel cleanly diverts and transports debris away from the worksite. Once the conduit is laid, the trench is backfilled with a grout compound.

Advantages of Micro Trenching include minimal cutting width that boosts installation production, reduce costs of backfill, shallow depth placement which helps avoid encounters with existing utilities and jobsite cleanliness thanks to the vacuum spoil that removes debris.

Vac-Tron Equipment has gone one step further in the cleanup process by developing a solution to micro trenching using a specialized in-tank filter (patent pending) inside the vacuum excavation unit’s debris tank. In most cases, the in-tank filter eliminates the need to add water to the micro trenching process and eliminates excessive material from reaching the cyclone separator. By using this filter, it will reduce the cleanup time during the trench run because there will be no need to stop and cleanout the cyclone or unclog the exit hose from debris tank due to caked material. Ultimately this will increase overall efficiency onsite.

David Donohue of Vermeer Mid Atlantic says “The Vac-Tron LP 573 SGT is the ideal vacuum for micro trenching, the high cfm’s and low noise output made communication and productivity simple.” David and Pfeiffer Enterprise Inc were demonstrating Vermeer’s micro trenching equipment and Vac-Tron’s LP SGT high cfm unit in Glen Bernie, MD in the photo above.