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Vermeer dealers are here for utility contractors today and every day

The world is living in unprecedented times. While there is no such thing as “business as usual” during today’s uncertainty, utility contractors around the world are doing essential work to keep businesses going, students learning and families connected.

Keeping the world connected means showing up every day and performing underground utility work as efficiently as possible. To do that, your crews should be employing vacuum excavators to pothole all nearby utilities to help mitigate the risk of a utility strike. Since potholing should be performed ahead of any horizontal directional drilling or open-cut work in congested areas, it’s essential to choose a vacuum excavator supported by a dependable network.

According to Scott Gabor, North/Central Florida regional manager for Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service Inc., vacuum excavators have become an essential piece of machinery for utility contractors. “Crews depend on vacuum excavators for maximizing their working time every day, which is why it is vital to work with a responsive equipment partner,” he explained. “When a vac needs to be serviced, minutes matter. We know that, which is why I believe vacuum excavators sold through Vermeer are so widely used in our area.”

Understanding your needs

Gabor said that the first thing contractors should look at when selecting a dealer is the amount of business they do within their line of work. “When looking at utility work, there are only a few dealer networks that dedicate a majority of its resources in this particular area of the construction industry,” Gabor added. “Our expertise matters because we have a better-rounded understanding of utility contractors’ needs. We’ve built our organization around being able to help those individuals. It’s not just service and parts either, Vermeer dealers offer a wide range of skilled labor training events as well to help make sure our customers’ employees understand how to operate and maintain the equipment in their fleet.”

Convenient locations

When you’re vetting a dealer, you also need to make sure they can support your crews wherever you are working. The nature of utility work means your teams are moving around a lot, so you need dealers who not only come to the job when you need them but also have dealer locations conveniently located in the places your team works.

Vermeer Southeast Sales & Service, for example, has 11 dealer locations throughout Alabama, Florida and Georgia, and affiliated companies in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. “In the region, we have one of the largest networks of dealership locations, but we also have an extensive amount of service technicians and sales support representatives in the field, helping customers every day. The combination of our physical locations and team in the field ensures we are there when our customer needs us, and we can get parts and tooling out to a crew quickly.”

Inventory check

While parts and service are a big part of making sure a dealer can support your needs, you also want to make sure they have an extensive inventory of new and used equipment for when its time to add another vacuum excavator. Gabor said each of their 11 yards has a mix of the right vacuum excavators for the needs of utility contractors working in the area. “With so many people working in the field around our dealer territory, we know what models of vacs are helping crews operate efficiently. We stock heavier on those models,” he explained. “We can also get any model we don’t have on stock from another location, as well as vacs with optional accessories. We understand that utility work won’t wait, and our customers shouldn’t have to either.”

Whether you’re working in Florida or somewhere else, Vermeer has one of the furthest reaching dealer networks in the world for vacuum excavators and an extensive model lineup to match. Also, Vermeer dealers have provided vacuum excavators sales and service support since the 1990s. They were there then and will continue to be there to support your crews in the future.

Part of the team

“There are a lot of manufacturers in the vacuum excavator business,” said Gabor. “Some vacs are better built than others, but I don’t believe anyone else offers the quality and innovative product lineup and dealer support Vermeer does. From manufacturing, parts and service to training and support in the field, we go all out to make sure we support the essential work utility contractors are doing each and every day.”

Vermeer and its extensive group of dealers are here to support you now and all the days ahead. For more information, contact your local Vermeer dealer or visit

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