Hydro Vacuum Excavation is Booming

Due to the continued growth in the use of hydro and air vacuum excavation for safe digging, AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) has announced the formation of a Vacuum Excavator Program. The program is made up of nine top vacuum excavator manufacturers. The main purpose of the program is to track statistics of vacuum excavator sales in the U.S. and Canada to help with trend reporting and other data.

“Throughout the United States, vacuum excavation is gaining popularity.” – Forester Daily News

Hydro vacuum excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process. Using water for excavation is a growing trend that will continue to change the way that companies move earth materials. Hydro vacuum excavation is non-invasive and creates an easier way to re-distribute the moved debris.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation Industry Growth

Vac-Tron Equipment, The Industry Leader in Vacuum Excavators for over 20 years, has been manufacturing units in the United States and shipping hydro and air excavation units all over the world.  As the industry continues to grow, municipalities and large companies have been adding units to their fleets for utility locating, directional drilling, and many other safe excavation means.

Vac-Tron recently announced the first Hydro Truck Vacuum Excavator with PTO (power take off) that has been going around the U.S. on demonstrations for companies and governments.  See more details below.

A quote from a local resident seeing a vacuum excavator in action

“Blew me away seeing this in person.  The main feed to our neighborhoods transformer shorted.  After 20 minutes they located the short location. A hydro vac truck shows up, sucks a huge hole in our driveway, fixes the line, fills it back in and none the wiser like they weren’t even there other than the utility marks. They said even if the line needed replacing only three holes were needed.  We were thinking they would be tearing up our front lawn and the neighbors, but then after the entire repair was done it was minimally invasive.”

A rear action shot of the PTO - Hydro Truck Vac vacuum excavation
A rear action shot of the PTO

New Hydro Truck Vacs

The Ford or Freightliner chassis with a full line of the HTV (Hydro Truck Vac) series is available with 300-gallon to 800 –gallon size debris tanks. The PTO (power take off) of the truck drives Positive displacement vacuum blowers that produce 1,000 CFM. These units are standard with a high pressure water system, full hydraulic rear doors, reverse pressure, and the patented “Big Red” filter housing that cleans the dirty air down to 00.5 microns (best in the industry) before it passes back through the vacuum pump.

hydro vacuum excavation low profile series
The LP 873 SGT with the new strong arm for easier handling of the vacuum hose

Low Profile Hydro Vacuum Excavator

One of the most commonly used hydro vacuum units being used is the LP series manufactured by Vac-Tron.  The trailer mounted version of the LP series can easily be pulled behind a one-ton truck. The low profile units come equipped with a hydraulic rear door, which opens fully so operators can quickly empty the contents.

Schedule a Hydro Vacuum Excavator Demo

Call Vac-Tron at 1-800-822-8766 or fill out the online demo form to schedule a demonstration in your area and to learn more about how hydro vacuum excavation can help your projects.